The double standard

I’ve always known there was a double standard when it comes to what a men does and what a women does. For men they can say something and it will be taken as as truth no questions asked. But for a woman people always seem to be so quick to question her judgment or the reason she makes the choices she does. Yesterday at work a bunch of guys were doing something they weren’t supposed to and I had to play mediator to fix the situation. I was only able to get three words out of my mouth before one of the guys immediately began yelling at me about how me stopping their soccer game was such an inconvenience to him and I need to do my job better. First of all he looked like a balding 30 year old man so he was probably upset that he didn’t have any hair. Sencondly, he should’ve been happy I didn’t have his privileged butt kicked out for not following the rules of the facility and being rude and disrespectful to me and one of my coworkers who also was a woman. I’ve seen situations like these go completely differently when my male coworkers handle it. Knowing how the double standard is affecting my status in the workplace at my age is so depressing! I know society has views on how women should behave and while some of those are archaic and ridiculous beliefs  I always thought that my gender wouldn’t hurt how I am viewed at my job. So now I know as a woman I am expected not to be sexually promiscuous, not to voice my opinions, and know that I will never have an equal status in the workplace. I am only 20 years old learning what I can and cannot do as a woman and this is only the beginning to a never ending list of double standards. It’s time for a change to the way our society thinks. It’s time women stood together.